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Media group or corporate publisher, newspaper or magazine production: Our editorial system is tailored to your requirements.
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We offer the only fully scalable, modular editorial solution that leaves it up to you to decide where and how you create and manage content. You get a DAM connection as well as the possibility to work online first with WordPress or Drupal. With Content-X you can automate layout creation for print, simplify your page planning and link all your publishing channels.

What are your challenges?

I need a flexible editorial solution ▼
The central architecture and the open interfaces of Content-X make it possible to react quickly and efficiently to new trends and to operate all channels centrally.

→ The advantages

I want to involve mobile reporters efficiently ▼

Reporting needs to be done quickly. With Content-X, articles can be entered and published from anywhere in the world – by mobile editors, freelancers or when working from home.

→ The advantages

I want to save production and license costs ▼

Content-X offers a high degree of automation for print production and, thanks to web-based publishing, saves up to 90 percent in InDesign license costs.

→ The advantages

I need a cross-media newsroom ▼

With Content-X, content can be played out easily and efficiently for digital channels and print alike.

→ The advantages

The advantages at a glance



All configurations and integrations are carried out quickly and competently by our experts. Some customers produced the first page after just a week.



Content-X has APIs for standard solutions such as WordPress, Drupal or InDesign, is quickly expandable and not monolithic.



Content-X enables browser-based and location-independent work, offers sophisticated workflow and rights management and consistently relies on web technologies.


Web-based Production

Web-based production massively simplifies the creation of print layouts. You save InDesign licenses and considerably reduce the work involved in creating the majority of all pages.


One editor for all channels

To enable editors to create print content in the editor of your WebCMS without system breaks in the future, we integrate new elements in Content-X. “Online First” is finally becoming reality!

Features you will love


Distribution to different print and digital channels made easy

Integration in Adobe InDesign

Deep integration with the standard layout tool (client and server)

Template-based production

of standard pages – for more efficient working

Central management of all assets

(images, texts, videos) in one DAM system

Intelligent search and research function 

in the DAM thanks to semantic analysis and tagging

APIs to standard solutions

of the publishing industry like WordPress, Drupal & InDesign

Browser-based working from anywhere 

ideal for freelancers and mobile reporters

Publications in different languages

Smooth production of publications in different languages – in one single editorial system

Web-based Production

for less InDesign licensing costs

Support of local languages

to produce print publications in multi-lingual areas

Satisfied Content-X customers

This is what publishers who use our editorial solution say:

“Content-X lets us produce for print, but also helps us to meet new requirements from the digitale area. Over the last two years, the system has helped us to make the day-to-day editorial work significantly more efficient and in turn to place an even greater focus on our journalistic quality.”

Günther Ackermann

Chief of service and deputy editor-in-chief, Südkurier

“It is clearly noticeable that our day-to-day-work has become much more efficient and we are immensely grateful for the extremely knowledgeable support from the staff at ppi Media and Digital Collections here on site.”

Tilak Kumar

Joint Managing Director, The Printers Mysore

“We believe that Content-X is a flexible system that allows for customization and scalability to support our needs and makes us fit to meet future challenges in our part of the media industry.”

Axel Walø

Publishing Director, Egmont Publishing Norway

“From being dead-ended with Windows XP-based software and hardware at the end of its life, with Content-X we’ve moved to a new environment in which journalists and editors are empowered by the scope and flexibility of the new system.”

Chiratas Nivatpumin

Assistant Chief Operating Officer, Bangkok Post

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