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Intuitive Storytelling for Digital and Print

Content-X by ppi Media is the editorial solution for newspaper brands, magazine creators and corporate publishers. 

New Editor Experience

Content-X supports a new editor for simple and intuitive digital storytelling – including seamless, web-based print integration.

Efficient editorial work

Content-X makes it easier for editorial offices to work collaboratively and break down the boundaries between digital and print.


No more system breaks

between digital and print


Keine Systembrüche

mehr zwischen Online- und Printkanälen


Browser-based layout

for greater efficiency and lower costs


Browserbasiertes Layout

für mehr Effizienz und geringere Kosten


Story first

You can focus on the essentials


Story first

Die Redaktion konzentriert sich auf das Wesentliche

For top journalism across all channels

Content-X enables editorial teams to work in a browser-based environment at various locations, manage their workflows and rights in a sophisticated way, and use a wide range of web technologies.

  • One editor for all channels

    New forms of storytelling are unlocked by Content-X and its intuitive block editor for online and print. Ensure top journalism across all channels – with a focus on the essentials.

  • Making print more efficient

    Content-X integrates InDesign like no other editorial system and offers “web-based production” for print, enabling you to create most of your pages in the browser – (almost) without layout clients.

  • The sky’s the limit

    As the digital platform of the future, Content-X integrates all the modules and elements you need for your (digital) growth – from analytics to AI.

The best features for publishers, editors and readers


Multi-channel publishing

Simply publish your content across print and digital channels.


Deep integration with InDesign

The most important layout tool in the industry is integrated deeper within Content-X than in any other editorial solution.


Template-based work

Content-X lets your team create standard pages faster than ever before.


Central asset management

Get a connection to DAM systems to manage your pictures, texts and videos in one place.


APIs for key standard solutions

Content-X is an open, modular system with the best possible connections.


Browser-based Work

Freelancers and mobile reporters can work for publishers around the world – no matter where they are.


Support for local languages

Content-X supports numerous local languages to enable production in multilingual areas.


Production in different languagues

Create publications in different languages – in one editorial system.

Happy customer

What are publishers saying about our Content-X editorial solution?

“With Content-X, we can produce for print as well as serve new requirements of digital channels. Over the past two years, the system has enabled us to make our day-to-day editorial work much more efficient and thus to focus even more on our journalistic quality.”
“The increase in efficiency in our day-to-day work thanks to Content-X is clearly noticeable, and we are very grateful for the extremely competent support provided by ppi Media on-site staff.”
“The increase in efficiency in our day-to-day work thanks to Content-X is clearly noticeable, and we are very grateful for the extremely competent support provided by ppi Media and Digital Collections staff on site.”
“We believe that Content-X is a flexible system that allows for customization and scalability to support our needs and makes us fit to meet future challenges in our part of the media industry.“

See for yourself.

Book a free virtual demo and experience how Content-X can take your editorial work to the next level.


    Content-X allows browser-based and location-independent work, offers sophisticated workflow and rights management and consistently relies on web technologies.

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